CEO reference - migration delivery

"To whom it may concern

This is a personal reference for Graham Phillips in relation to work that Graham did for me in my business capacity as Chief Executive of Scottish Provident UK.

Graham took over as project manager of a very big project that had fixed and demanding deadlines and deliverables that could not be changed.  He took over part way through the project, when it was already slipping badly against plan and at a time when morale within the project team was not healthy.  I am delighted to record that Graham turned the project round very ably and delivered the established objectives successfully and on time.

To complete this work Graham had to manage not only a large project team, but also a large virtual team from all over the company.  He did this extremely well with good communication and a good amount of humour.  Whilst using very strong encouragement, tact and diplomacy, he was also skilled at using pressure and politics when the occasion called for it.  As well as people issues, the project also raised considerable issues relating to incompatible technologies.  The end result speaks for itself, the objectives were met.

As well as handling the project and its challenges, Graham was also adept at handling communication to me and our Executive team.  Despite the deadlines always being tight, I was always confident he could deliver, and he did.

Yours sincerely

Barry Rose"