MD reference - contracts review & continuity planning

"Dear …..

You asked me for a reference on Graham, who I have known for many years.

EPG is a software house specialising in insurance applications for both London market and direct general lines. We first met Graham when he was at Ernst and Whinney doing a system selection exercise for a marine underwriting agency.  I was impressed by Graham's intelligence, energy and practical approach, and his way of encouraging an efficient and non-adversarial relationship between customer and supplier.  After EPG was selected the customer let me read Graham's report which was very thorough and well argued.

Normally the last thing anyone running a small software house would want to do is to spend any of their hard earned pounds on a management consultant.  Over the years of running EPG I met dozens of consultants, but the only one we used was Graham, and for 2 substantial jobs, Contracts and Business Recovery.

Contracts.  Our contracts had become very long (over 20 pages) and with alterations over the years had turned into spaghetti.  Graham analysed our way of doing business and rewrote the contracts from scratch into plain English.  These contracts are still used, and in my opinion are very clear, fair and close to best industry practice.

Business Recovery.  Graham drew up and managed the implementation of our Business Recovery Plan.  This involved persuading many people to participate and take responsibility for parts of the plan, and a lot of inertia and reluctance had to be overcome.  Workshop sessions were run which showed that Graham would score highly for training and skills transfer activities.  I was very pleased with the plan.

Graham's understanding of the insurance industry is comprehensive, and I can also recommend his project management skills.

Yours sincerely

John N Galloway,  Managing Director"