Scottish Provident, Systems Migration

Scottish Provident was migrating its entire life & pensions book to a new platform.  SInce this was a Y2K programme, the deadline was unmissable. At the time that we took over management of delivery it was already in trouble,  with serious slippage.

Key to turning this round was setting clear objectives for 14 teams in 3 countries, and laying down rules for personal behaviours which had slipped a bit.  We also arranged for the Main Board to have oversight, rather than a lower level Steering Committee.  Since, out of a staff complement of some 250 people, 170 were working on the programme in one capacity or another, this anchored a completely atypical operation firmly within the management structure.  

What we had to deal with included:

•     budget and risk management

•     wide ranging business change activities

•     development and extensive testing of the new platform

•     data clean up on the old systems, and conversion to the new one

•     controls over the migration process, and risk management

•     new infrastructure roll-out

•     management of 3 outsourced suppliers

•     definition of the detailed migration process and timetable, rehearsals and the migration itself

•     and a range of "business as usual" work in background.

The unmissable deadline was met with a month to spare, the migration proceeded without a hitch, and there were no operational problems afterwards.