Mortgage Lender, Migration Troubleshooting

We were brought in to help resolve problems with the migration of the Lender's mortgage book to an outsourcing joint-venture with a US supplier.  The plan already agreed was for all mortgage processing to be shut down for 7 days while data files were flown across the Atlantic, customers were migrated onto the new system and then several iterations of processing took place.  There is scant scope for failure in any migration, and there was even less in this one. It was necessary to explain to the operations outsourcer that not having a proven backout plan was unacceptable for a financial institution; to the software supplier, that "any landing you walk away from is a good one" does not inspire confidence in a well managed process; and to both, that regulators demanded a lot better than that. 

Our work covered:

•     co-ordination of two outsourced suppliers’ activities

•     giving team managers clarity on objectives and joint working

•     firming up change control and getting a sound delivery plan

•     completing delivery of the target system, data cleansing and data conversion

•     delivery of minute-by-minute migration plans, control room processes, rehearsals and eventual migration readiness

•     rebuilding the confidence of the Client Executive Team with day to day communication.

At the outset, the project was already over 6 months behind schedule, and no-one had confidence in a delivery date.  With enormous teamwork, the slippage was clawed back.  Migration readiness was delivered three months after the original target date.