NPI, Quality Improvement Protocol

NPI were a Life & Pensions company in Tunbridge Wells, who decided on a quality improvement programme.  The first thing they asked us to do was develop a Quality Improvement Protocol.  This was the method they would follow to review each process in the company, look at what was wrong (and right) with it, decide what the company really ought to be doing, and get on with it.

We developed the Protocol on a pilot project, overhauling IFA Management.  There was very heavy use of workshops to agree on general change principles, and smaller working sessions to thrash out the detail of the changes required, and the business benefits that would result.  

While doing this, we ran a training course in the facilitation techniques we use, for NPI's own business analysts.  This left them able to use the same methodology when we had finished the initial projects we were asked to lead.

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